Zagi/Ukege's Version
[[File:ZagiPortrait Zagi|210px|]]
Some attributes
First Author:Ukege
Second Download Link:Here
Third Release:2010
Other attributes



Zagi is an 6 Buttoned Character with some Inproved Mechanic Motor and a Burst from Guilty Gear.

Zagi's Mechanic Motor can be in extended mechanic system and just can cause Self Destruction Himself,however can be down then he drinks The Oil. Zagi has special Intros Aganist Himself and Aganist Jagi

Zagi's A.I is pretty Easy for M.U.G.E.N Beggingers.


  • Life:1000
  • Power:2000
  • Attack:100
  • Defence:100


Hold ON!:this movelist is currently Incomplete.. Please specify this

ƒKƒ\ƒŠƒ“•â‹‹ command:D, DB, B , z

ƒLƒbƒN Command:D, DB, B , a

ƒ^ƒbƒNƒ‹HS command:D, DB, B , b


Win QuotesEdit

This Characters dosen't have Win Quotes


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He's not Edited

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